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6 light Italian antique chandelier with grapes and crystal leaf drops


Code: 10122


W: 70cm (27.6")H: 87cm (34.3")

Very unique and beautiful large 6 light Italian antique chandelier. The brass frame of the chandelier is adorned in glass, which is interspersed with unusual octagonal crystal buttons. An array of beautiful crystal leaf drops are suspended from round crystal buttons at the base of the chandelier. 3 crystal prism spikes are seated on large star shaped crystals around the centre of the chandelier, which sit above crystal bars with decorative crystal octagonal buttons supporting crystal leaf drops. Large grape shaped drops are suspended from 3 further crystal bars around the centre of the chandelier. The chandelier is crowned with a beautiful fluted cut glass top piece. Suspended under this are crystal leaves and crystal Prince Albert spike drops. The chandelier has a beautiful decorative glass centrepiece. Lovely crystal prism drops are suspended from each bobeche on the arms of the chandelier. The chandelier is exquisitely finished at the base with a beautiful large glass finial drop.