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Large 2 Tiered, 10 Light, Italian Glass Arm Antique Chandelier

£2,500.00 Approx $3030.3, €2955.08

Code: 10092


W: 67cm (26.4")H: 97cm (38.2")

Large 2 tiered, 10 light, late 19th century Italian Bohemian glass arm antique chandelier. A very beautiful and elegant chandelier of exceptional quality. The top of the chandelier is crowned with a lovely patterned, scalloped edged crystal dome, which is hung with drapes of crystal buttons and crystal drops surrounding a large cut glass ball set in the exquisite glass central column of the chandelier. Decorative glass candlesticks holding the lights sit in the lovely patterned crystal bobeche, which are hung with crystal drops. Drapes of crystal buttons with crystal drops hang between the glass arms, which are seated in a large scalloped edge crystal bowl at the base of the chandelier. Under this sits a scalloped edge patterned cut crystal dome hung with crystals suspended from round crystal buttons. A crystal ball is suspended from the bottom of the chandelier on a string of crystal beads.