9 light Italian Birdcage Style Antique Chandelier

9 light Italian Birdcage Style Antique Chandelier

Code: 10104


W: 59cm (23.2")H: 89cm (35")


9 light Italian antique chandelier, circa 1880. Stunning brass birdcage style chandelier with a wonderful patina and 9 lights, with 8 around the outside and 1 central light. The chandelier frame is beautifully cast with acanthus leaf detailing and is adorned with lovely 'cats eye' crystals. Decorative brass flowers with round crystals forming the centre of each flower embellish the middle of the chandelier and large crystal prism spikes are seated on detailed platforms around the outside of the top half of the chandelier. A ring of acanthus leaves forms a top plate on the chandelier, which can either be placed directly to the ceiling, or the chandelier may be hung lower with the use of a ceiling fitting as desired. The chandelier is finished at the bottom with a large faceted crystal ball.