8 Light 3 Tiered Italian Antique Chandelier with icicle drops

8 Light 3 Tiered Italian Antique Chandelier with icicle drops

Code: 10094


W: 59cm (23.2")H: 75cm (29.5")


8 light, 3 tiered, Italian antique chandelier. Intricately detailed 3 tiered brass chandelier, with cascades of glass icicle drops forming the bottom tier, a curtain of crystal buttons and icicle drops in the middle section and a circle of icicle drops around the top. The intricate brass detailing on the bottom ring of the chandelier is in the form of stems of leaves projecting either side of a central medallion emblem with decorative bow detail. These are interspersed with decorative finials hung with large crystal iceberg drops. The central and upper rings of the chandelier include intricate castings of oval shaped medallions with a surround of trailing leaves. The decorative top piece of the chandelier represents a ring of acanthus leaves, which can either be placed directly to the ceiling, or the chandelier may be hung lower on chain and fitted with a ceiling fitting as desired. The chandelier is finished at the bottom with a large faceted crystal ball. There are 8 lights in total, with 6 lights in the centre of the chandelier and 2 lights in the top section.